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Address: International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Hainan College of Foreign Studies. No. 178 Jiaoyu Road, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, the People’s Republic of China (Zip Code: 571321)


             Hainan College of Foreign Studies

  Hainan College of Foreign Studies is located in Wenchang City, which is known as Land of Culture, Land of Overseas Chinese, Land of National Mother, Land of Generals and Land of Chinese Spaceflight. It is 56 kilometers away from Haikou( 36 kilometers away from Haikou Meilan International Airport). Getting around is very convenient, it takes you only 20 minutes by high-speed rail and 45 minutes by bus ( from Haikou) to reach our college.

  Covering an area of over 600 acres, Hainan College of Foreign Studies, has affectionately attracted more than 5000 students from every part of our county. We boast 34 majors involving 12 languages such s as English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Arabic languages. Opportunities are provided for the diligent and ambitious young people, and they enjoy the pleasure and happiness of the youth while studying in the college. In addition, a good number of international students are joyfully attracted to the Chinese language and colorful culture present here.

  There are more than 300 faculty and staff members and more than 20 foreign teachers from the UK, the U.S.A., Germany, France, Russia, South Korea , Japan, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia and so forth working in the college. We keep firm the guidance of “Taking service as the aim and employment as the guide, Strengthening Skills and Emphasizing Practicality”, and make concerted efforts to cultivate tiptop new generation talents with “foreign languages mastery and professional skills”. The international students from different countries are learning Chinese language and culture here, promoting the international exchange of Chinese. In the Expert Rostrum held by the college, a number of distinguished experts, scholars and political leaders from a wide spectrum are warmly invited to deliver significant lectures covering a wide range of knowledge related to the past and present, passing on valuable experience and wisdom to us. 

  On the basis of harmony and win-win situation, the college has since established close in-depth links of cooperation and exchange with universities, colleges and education institutions both at home and abroad. Including the U.S.A, Germany, the U.K, South Korea, Australia, Portugal ,Thailand, Japan and Taiwan , to name a few. The internationalized trend of cultivating talents has become distinct by degrees.

  In the new era, we are seizing the development strategy of "One Belt One Road" and Hainan International Tourism Island to develop international, integrated and highly relevant talents. We speed up reform and maintain prominent characteristics in the globalization of higher education. We work hard to steer the college towards obtaining a vivid foreign languages characteristic, in the midst of progressive reformation.

  We warmly welcome you to be on board in our college.